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MultiPlane Graph Embedding (2.5D Graph Embeddability)


The mathematics of embeddings of graphs in three dimensions with constraints using a set of 2D planes, called MultiPlane or 2.5D representation.


Professor Seok-Hee Hong.

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Computer Science

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Graph Drawing is to construct good geometric representation of graphs in two and three dimensions. Although Graph Drawing has been extensively studied due to wide range of applications such as VLSI design, information systems, sociology, biology, networks, and software engineering, majority of research has been devoted to study representations of graphs in two dimensions.   

This project will investigate a new MultiPlane framework, which draws graphs using a set of 2D planes, nicely arranged in three dimensions, and satisfying new aesthetic criteria derived from topology and graph theory.  

More specifically, this project aims to study Multiplane embeddings from both mathematical and computational points of view: define new mathematical criteria for MultiPlane embeddings and establish lower/upper bounds; characterise MultiPlane graphs; determine the complexity of computing MultiPlane  embeddings; and design algorithms for constructing  MultiPlane embeddings. In particular, strong skills and research interests in mathematics, algorithms and theoretical computer science are required.

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