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History of education, History curriculum, Colonial and Imperial History, Indian History


Professor Tim Allender's principal research over the past 30 years concerns Indian education and empire studies using multidisciplinary approaches that focus on gender and feminism. His forthcoming single-authored book with Manchester University Press (Studies in Imperialism Series), entitled Empire Religiosity, explores female Roman Catholicism in colonial and postcolonial India. His previous single-authored book, also with Manchester University Press (Studies in Imperialism Series), develops key gender, feminist and knowledge transfer themes concerning India. This book is the winner of the Anne Bloomfield book prize awarded by the HES (UK) for best history of education book published between 2014 and 2017. Tim has published earlier single-authored books, 53 mostly single-authored international journal articles and book chapters, illuminating other sociological and educational aspects of empire. He is the co-editor of three edited books, five special issues of international journals and he is on the editorial boards of six leading international journals. Tim is founding co-editor of two successful international book series: ISCHE global histories (Europe); and Studies in Visual History (de Gruyter, Berlin). He has held two successfully completed ARC grants. In recognition of his international standing as a scholar of education of India he delivered the keynote address to the world ISCHE conference in Turkey (June 2015) - the first Australian invited to do so. He has also delivered 45 invited keynotes and other sole presentations in international and national forums in Europe, the US and in Asia. Tim has held visiting fellowships at the University of Winchester and the University of London. He has held research Professorships at the Georg Eckert Institute, Braunschweig, Germany; at the University of Toronto, Canada; at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Shimla, India; at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India; at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, at the University of Birmingham, UK and, most recently, at Heidelberg University, Germany. He is co-editor of two forthcoming books on visual literacies and history.


Professor Tim Allender.

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Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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Research interests

Educational history, sociology and philosophy

  • History, Gender, Empire

Educational systems: administration, management and leadership

  • International and comparative education

Research on teaching and learning

  • Social sciences, history didactics including citizenship
  • Teacher education and professional learning
Keywords: history, postcolonial, empire, imperialism, history curriculum, feminist history, gender, empire, history didactics, knowledge transfer

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