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Philosophy of law; Constitutional theory; Comparative constitutionalism


Professor Sadurski welcomes enquiries from students who wish to research in areas related to his research interests: philosophy of law, constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism.


Professor Wojciech Sadurski.

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Sydney Law School

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Professor Sadurski supervises students undertaking research on philosophy of law, constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism, in particular in the following areas: what are the moral fiundation of a liberal state and law? what are the sources of legal legitimacy and a duty to obey the law? what are philosophical foundations of freedom of speech and freedom of religion? what are the bases for a strong judicial (constitutional) review and how can it be reconciled with democratic principles?

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Examples of PhD theses supervised by Professor Sadurski  include the following:

  • Socrates’ Justification for Obeying an Unjust Sentence of Death: An Analysis and Translation of Plato’s Crito.
  • Are Human Rights Transplantable? Reflections on a pragmatic theory of human rights under conditions of globalization
  • Constitutional Dilemmas: Conflicts of Fundamental Legal Rights in Europe and in the USA
  • A Contribution to a Theory of Horizontal Effects of Human Rights (European University Institute, Florence, 2007)
  • Believing in secular states: Freedom of religion and separation of state and religion as legal concepts in Europe
  • Choosing an optimal design for constitutional judicial review in transitions: a perspective of democratic consolidation and rule of law
  • The Evolution of Socio-Economic Constitutional Rights Conceptions in the Context of Democratisation Processes
  • The Relevance of Critical Race Theory to Europe
  • Freedom of Expression: A Comparative Study between Europe and the United States

Scholarships may be available for PG research students, e.g. APA/UPA. Visit Scholarhsips Office website for further information. 

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