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Active Perception at the System Level, Including Human-(on-the-loop)-Unmanned Teaming


Active perception involves moving a sensor to maximise information gain. For a system comprised of multiple heterogeneous platforms including humans, the problem of maximising information of the system as a whole is non-trivial. This project will investigate the use of low-level and high-level sensor/information fusion techniques to tackle this problem.   


Dr David Johnson.

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Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

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This project will investigate the use of multi-modal sensor fusion for situational awareness of extended environments. The project will focus on improving the efficiency of air, ground and human assets to solve high-level tasks. This is likely to involve an examination of predictive intent and communication between the system’s own components in addition to that of external entities.   This project is likely to suit graduates with a strong interest in mechatronics, computer-science and human-robot-interaction.

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