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Stakeholder Engagement and Project Performance



This research project aims to understand project stakeholder engagements, evolutions and their impacts on project performance



Dr Shahadat Uddin.

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Project Management

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Interactions among stakeholders naturally evolve during the different phases of a project. As evident in the present project literature, these complex interactions affect the performance of projects across all domains. A comprehensive understanding of these interactions, how they evolve and their impact on project performance (time, cost and quality) is essential for these projects' success and on-time completion. This research project aims to explore the effect of the complex nature of stakeholder engagement on project performance. It will follow a research approach based on network-based analysis and machine learning techniques.


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  • Use of research technique / methodology / technology - Network analysis; and Machine learning
  • Potential topics of interest for the research opportunity
  • Current PHD and/or Masters topics
  • Eligibility criteria / candidate profile - Data analytics (essential) and Computer programming (preferable)
  • Scholarship(s) / funding available

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