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Quantum computing with Majorana fermions


A Majorana fermion is an exotic particles with the unusual property of being its own anti-particle, first hypothesised by Ettore Majorana in 1937. Is it possible to use these peculiar particles as information carriers in a quantum computer?


Dr Arne Grimsmo.

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School of Physics

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Majorana fermions are exotic particles that exist in certain one-dimensional quantum systems. One of their most fascinating properties is that they can be used as carriers of quantum information in a quantum computer. It is, however, largely an open question how to best enact a quantum computation using Majorana fermions, and several competing proposals are currently investigated by the research community. In this theory project we will develop new quantum computing schemes with Majorana fermions and attempt to quantify their potential. The project will include close interactions with Microsoft Quantum — Sydney, who are working on realizing Majorana fermions in the lab.

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