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Social and Educational Participation and Engagement Research Network


We are a network of dedicated researchers who share a common interest in participation and engagement throughout education. In particular, we examine issues of social inclusion for individuals and groups that experience marginalisation, disadvantages and exclusion, with a focus on disability. 


Associate Professor David Evans, Dr Cathy Little, Dr Ilektra Spandagou.

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School of Education and Social Work

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We advance research and understanding in the field by: 

  • establishing and enhancing links within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, other University faculties, research centres and educational institutions
  • strengthening the network's research agenda within school and network partners
  • promoting a broader understanding of social and educational participation through publications and collaboration with education and public sectors
  • providing a forum for members – including honours students and higher degree research students – to present and discuss their work with colleagues.

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