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Endocrine Cancer Program


Endocrine cancers range from the common such as thyroid cancer to rare such as adrenal cancer, in the Endocrine Cancer Program based at the Garvan Institute, we seek to use clinical samples and basic science techniques such as genomics to improve the understanding of biology and translate these findings to clinical care.

Projects offer the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Sydney Endocrine Surgery Unit based at Royal North Shore Hospital which is the largest treatment centre for thyroid cancer in Australia. Projects can be tailored to all levels.


Dr Anthony Glover .

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Garvan Institute of Medical Research

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Some current projects in our group include:
Lab based: Genomics of Endocrine Cancer and Epigenetics of Advanced Thyroid Cancer
Clinic based: Outcomes of Medullary Thyroid Cancer and Application of Genomics to Advanced Thyroid Cancer

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