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E-Coach-supported Digital SlEEp Therapy for Older ADults with Cognitive Impairment – the ExCEED Study


We are seeking a Master/PhD student to conduct a three-part study:
(a) user experience qualitative study of older people's perceptions of Sleepfix;
(b) randomised control trial of the efficacy of Sleepfix in older people with insomnia;
(c) secondary analysis of the randomised control trial on cognitive function in older individuals.


Dr Christopher Gordon, Dr Camilla Hoyos.

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Camperdown - Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

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Recent research shows that sleep plays a critical role in optimising brain function and sleep disturbance is highly prevalent in individuals with cognitive impairment. Older adults with insomnia have increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia, poorer overall health, quality of life and psychosocial factors of alertness, fatigue and daytime sleepiness. There are a lack of current therapies to treat the sleep disturbance. We have developed a digital sleep therapy (SleepFix) to address this problem. This study will investigate the effect of an e-coach supported digital sleep therapy on insomnia symptom severity, sleep, and cognitive performance in older adults with insomnia and subjective cognitive impairment. We also aim to determine participant's user experience with the digital sleep health intervention integrated with e-coach support

Additional information

• be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen
• be willing to undertake research into the field of sleep health
• hold an honours degree (first class) or equivalent in psychology, medical science, nursing, public health, allied health or a related area
• demonstrate interest in ageing, sleep health, digital interventions, cognition.

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