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Tribological properties of biopolymers in human joints


In this project we will use advanced molecular simulation techniques to model the lubrication process in synovial joints to shed light on these puzzles.


Dr Ahmad Jabbarzadeh.

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Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

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The lubrication process in mammalian joints is characterised by extremely low friction coefficient, resilient and protective damping and almost no wear. Despite many existing theories on macro-scale our understanding of molecular origin of such a marvelous lubrication performance is poor. The complex biopolymers at the surface of the cartilage are thought to play a major role in efficient lubrication.The goal is to understand the behaviour of these biopolymers, relate their biomechanical properties to their structure that varies with diseases and age and find practical solutions that can be applied to artificial joints used in hip/knee replacement operations.

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