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Music Education


Research in music education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music encompasses a wide range of perspectives on the teaching and learning of music in culturally diverse settings from pre-school to tertiary levels, within and outside of formal settings.


Associate Professor Kathryn Marsh, Associate Professor Neil McEwan, Dr Michael Webb.

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Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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The Music Education unit of Sydney Conservatorium of Music offers postgraduate training relating to many types of music teaching and learning. The unit concentrates on creativity as the area through which music is taught and learnt and places cultural diversity at the centre of its pedagogy, informed by specialist knowledge of the music of South-East Asia, Melanesia, and indigenous Australians.  Research in the Music Education unit is interdisciplinary in nature, combining the methodologies of education with those informed by ethnomusicological, sociological, psychological, historical, and cultural studies influences. Topics undertaken by research students in this Unit reflect the broad view of Music Education adopted at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. This is one which presents Music Education as the study of music teaching and learning from a range of perspectives in all the contexts where it occurs – from early childhood, through various levels of school and university systems, to studio teaching, community music activity, popular music, use of music in therapy, and music in notated and non-notated traditions. Members of the unit also bring expertise in wider educational fields, such as gifted education, educational psychology, social foundations of education, e-learning and behaviour management for adolescents.  The work of music education staff is widely published in books and major international journals in music education, ethnomusicology, music psychology, popular music and cultural studies.

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