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Early Music


Research in early music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music encompasses a wide span of Western Art music and genres, bringing new perspectives to musical interpretation and technique based on evidence of historical performing practices, pedagogy and organology.


Associate Professor Neal Peres Da Costa, Dr Alan Maddox, Associate Professor Neil McEwan, Associate Professor Kathleen Nelson.

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Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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The Early Music Unit of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music offers postgraduate training to both scholars and performers, covering a wide range of teaching and learning activities including specialist training in period or historical instruments; early vocal techniques; solo, chamber and orchestral performance opportunities; specialist courses in the area of performing practice; and lecture recitals and masterclasses by visiting professionals in the field. The unit focuses on the research and practical application of historical performing practices to vocal and instrumental music. It offers prospective postgraduate students the opportunity to develop diverse research areas, which expand the understanding of past performing styles and shed new light on interpretation, technique and repertoire. Research in early music is interdisciplinary bringing together the areas of applied musicology, organology and performance.  Members of the unit are performing/scholars with national and/or international reputations in their particular area of expertise and with outputs that cover published and creative (performance/recording) research.

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