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Lifelong User Modelling


This project aims to create computer systems that will make it easy for a person to control large stores of personal information. It addresses issues of privacy support and interoperability between information stores.


Professor Judy Kay.

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Computer Science

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This project explores ways to provide people with access to and control over their personal information and its use in pervasive computing environments.  A feature of pervasive and ubiquitous computing is that it collects and moves huge amounts of data that are about us or belong to us. This huge and fast-growing collection of personal data offers great potential benefits such as augmented cognition and life-long memories.  A key problem for effectiveness of such systems relate to privacy.  The research builds on the CHAI group's technologies for personalisation and pervasive computing architectures.  The current research has broad scope with several thesis projects ranging from pure systems research as well as technologies for personalisation to user studies.See also

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