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Founded in 1915, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the first conservatorium in Australia, was based on the model of the European Conservatoire. Its establishment revolutionised Australian music training where comprehensive performance-led teaching, virtuosity and music education were made available to musicians aged 5 to 90. The Sydney Conservatorium of Music curriculum is widely respected as one of Australasia’s most comprehensive institutions for musical studies, offering degrees in Performance, Composition, Jazz, Music Education, Musicology, Conducting and Pedagogy each year with emerging fields of Audio and Media, Early Music, Piano Tuning and orchestral/ensemble professional preparation.
SCM encourages part-time graduate enrolments, and research students account for nearly 30% percent of all students.


Professor Anna Reid, Professor Anne Boyd, Associate Professor Michael Halliwell, Dr David Larkin, Dr Alan Maddox, Associate Professor Kathryn Marsh, Associate Professor Neil McEwan, Mr Stephen Mould, Associate Professor Kathleen Nelson, Associate Professor Neal Peres Da Costa, Mr Craig Scott, Mr Phil Slater, Dr Michael Webb.

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Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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Research at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music includes creative work in performance and composition and music-related scholarship in the fields of western musicology, ethnomusicology, music education and experimental research in music performance and production.

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