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Novel diagnostic methods and treatment in insomnia disorder


This project will develop clinically deployable methods for insomnia phenotyping and test treatments tailored to these phenotypes.


Professor Ron Grunstein.

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Camperdown - Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

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Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder with around one-third of adults reporting symptoms consist with insomnia. Medical and societal costs related to the disorder are high and evidence suggests that the incidence is increasing. The diagnosis of insomnia is patient self-report and to date there are a lack of clinically valid objective measures to determine disorder severity and clinical subtypes. Therefore, methods to diagnose insomnia more effectively and target treatments that reduce insomnia severity are required. This project will develop new clinically deployable objective measures and tools for phenotyping insomnia and test the efficacy of new treatments tailored to insomnia patients based on their phenotype.

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Additional Supervisor: Christopher Gordon

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