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Melatonin as a treatment for Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder


The project will characterise the behavioural and physiological phenotype of DSPD and examine the efficacy of melatonin as a treatment for DSPD.


Professor Ron Grunstein.

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Camperdown - Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

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Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) is a circadian rhythm disorder defined as a sleep schedule occurring substantially later than the conventional or desired time. Individuals which suffer from DSPD not only habitually rise later but also fall asleep later than they choose. 10-16% of individuals that suffer from DSPD are misclassified with insomnia and therefore, may be treated inappropriately. This study hopes to conduct a definitive study of melatonin for DSPD, with accurate diagnosis methods, optimal treatment timing and a pragmatic treatment approach. Through physiological phenotyping of DSPD we hope to provide an evidence-base to inform pharmacogenetic approaches to treating DSPD.

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