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Naturally good - fibres and particles of natural origin as a new biomaterials for regenerative medicine and drug delivery


This project will investigate characteristics of new materials of natural-origin for biomedical applications and drug delivery. The primary aim is to develop new ‘green’ and natural materials that are capable to regulate cell responses or release drug in a controlled manner so that material interaction in the body environment can be tailor for specific application.


Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski.

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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The aim of the project is to develop the next generation of natural biomaterials. Central to this aim is the development of different size a shape of the materials (particles, nanoparticles, fibres, scaffolds) from natural source (e.g. silk) and characterize their interactions with biological milieu. The project will set recommendations for the potential use of these materials for drug delivery and implants. Novel approaches to examine cell mechanics, bioactivity, chemical composition and cellular interactions will be developed in the project.

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The project will involve the use of state of art facility to modify and examine the surfaces including: AFM, MFP, SICM, cell culture. The project will be carried out in collaborations with several research group at the University of Sydney and externally.

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