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Multi-omic approach for advancing the precision biomanufacturing of next-generation functional postbiotic materials.


We are seeking a talented, highly skilled and motivated candidate to undertake an industry-directed PhD project that aims to develop the precision biomanufacturing processes of next-generation functional postbiotic materials for industrial applications.


Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski.

Research location

Sydney Pharmacy School


We have an open position for a talented, highly skilled and motivated PhD candidate to undertake an industry-directed project that will involve an end-to-end approach to developing an understanding of the microenvioronment conditions that influence the myriad of metabolic outputs derived from probiotic fermentation and establish a framework for the biocharacterisation of the complex matrix of postbiotic components.

This project aims to develop multi-omic methodologies to characterise the assembly of postbiotic actives. The work will seek to identify the significant components of the next-generation functional materials (NGFM) and streamline methods for characterisation, quantification, and ultimately, standardisation of the outputs for industrial application. During this project, the candidate will work at the interface between industry and academia and have access to state-of-the-art Nano-Bio-Characterisation and Biofabrication facilities at the University of Sydney and BiomeCentric to produce and characterise new classes of biologicals utilising microbial biofactories.

The candidate will get to work closely with the industry partner and realise the potential applications of the NGFMs with a view to the development of application-specific protocols for use in the industry. The candidate should have a strong background in bioprocessing, biomedical sciences, and microbiological sciences. An Honours or Master by research qualification is preferred for the applicant due to the advanced nature of the project and the high level of understanding and laboratory skills required to excel in this project.

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A student is required to apply or hold a primary scholarship (e.g. RTP) and will be offered a competitive supplementary scholarship.

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