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MicroRNAs as Regulators of Cellular Programs


This project involves modeling the role of transcription factors and miRNAs in the control of systems implicated in maintaining and regaining optimal health.


Professor Albert Y. Zomaya, Professor Mathew Vadas.

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Charles Perkins Centre – the Judith and David Coffey Life Lab

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Transcription factors and miRNAs target different levels of regulation (transcription vs. translation) models that examine the reasons why these different control systems evolved and what utility they might have individually and collectively in maintaining health, would provide a useful framework for further biological enquiry. The metaphor ‘leader of the orchestra' has often been used in biological systems to describe master regulators of complex cellular events or of development. Transcription factors, which work alone or in combinatorial systems to promote or prevent gene expression in systems linking nutrition to health, have often been thought of as key ‘conductors'. More recently a new class of regulation has emerged by non-coding RNA molecules. There is only a limited number of these molecules (of the order of hundreds) identified, but each has targets in a number of genes, primarily regulating their translation.

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