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Federating Autonomous Sensor Networks


The work involves the use of a variety of theoretical techniques to study federation in distributed systems.


Professor Albert Y. Zomaya.

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Computer Science

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An important component of our research is motivated by the need to use the inherent capacity of sensor networks for data collection, surveillance and target tracking as a key ingredient for establishing ubiquitous monitoring and control capabilities in support of civilian and defence applications. Indeed, a single sensor network cannot satisfy the broad spectrum of application requirements, especially when these requirements change drastically along the dimensions of time, space, and context. On the other hand, deploying numerous sensor networks in an area of interest may be infeasible. The goal is to develop a new sensor network system that will act as a distributed service provider. To build such a distributed system, we are looking at innovative sensor network system architectures that will facilitate rapid self-organization and dynamic reconfiguration of component sensor networks in support of adaptive service deployment, composition, and federation to cover the dynamic needs of numerous applications. 

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