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Teaching dumb agents to play smart games in economics


Economic game theory is one of the most powerful but  surprisingly simple tools we have to understand many of the key aspects of social interactions. This has included the evolution of trust and reciprocity in humans and the evolutionary dynamics of competing species as they try and gain an edge on the competition. This work will use computer simulations to model the social interactions between many ‘dumb’ computer agents, agents that only have a very basic awareness of their environment, in order to better understand how more complex behaviour develops through social, economic and evolutionary interactions.


Dr Michael Harre.

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Civil Engineering

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The goal of this work is to simulate the evolutionary dynamics of many socially interacting agents in order to test the validity of new equilibrium concepts that have recently emerged in the theory of dynamical systems.

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Proficiency in programming and data analysis is necessary, as well as a high level of mathematical skill.

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