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The Perceptual Expertise of Skilled Game Players: What can they see that I can’t


With the ability to store millions of records of decisions people have made and the context in which they were made, we are left the interesting problem that we still do not know what information people use in order to arrive at the decisions they make. A recent hypothesis has been that there are two key factors involved: the first is a deliberate process of thinking that is slow and error prone which is complemented by a rapid, effortless system that occurs beneath our conscious awareness. These two systems must work together in order for us to make good accurate and fast decisions.


Dr Michael Harre.

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Civil Engineering

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The goal of this work is to simulate the neural networks and/or the evolutionary dynamics of many socially interacting agents in order to test the validity of new equilibrium concepts that have recently emerged in the theory of dynamical systems.

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Proficiency in programming and data analysis is necessary, as well as a high level of mathematical skill.

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