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Solute Carrier Transporters


PhD project is available in this laboratory on investigating the relationship of human drug transporters with drugs in treating prevalent diseases such as diabetes and cancers.


Dr Fanfan Zhou.

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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Human Solute Carrier Transporters (SLCs) are important membrane proteins responsible for transporting drugs and toxins into cells. The activity and expression of SLCs determine the performance of drugs in body. It is well known that disease status of patients and naturally occurred genetic mutations can significantly impact on the expression and activity of SLCs. Changing the interactions of SLCs with drug molecules can also largely influence the efficacy and toxicity of therapies. There are several projects available in our laboratory to widely study the relationship of SLCs and drug molecules. For example, how SLCs interact with drug molecules; how genetic mutations of SLCs influence drug performance and how signaling changes in disease status impact on the activity and expression of SLCs. These projects contribute to better understanding the performance of drugs in body and facilitate the optimisation of therapies in the future, which will eventually improve the clinical outcomes of many drugs.

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