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Novel drug development for human eye cancers


M. Phil or PhD project is available in this laboratory to discover and develop new drug candidates in treating human eye cancers. 


Dr Fanfan Zhou.

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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Eye cancers in particular uveal melanoma, are deadly in humans. There are very few therapeutic options available to treat these cancers. Even when the primary cancer is under control, there are still a large number of patients developing metastatic diseases, who can only survive for a short period. It is important to discover and develop new drugs to better treat these cancers. In our laboratory, we have established cell and animal models to screen for novel candidate drugs and evaluate the pharmacological effect of the lead molecules. Through our national and international collaborations, we will also facilitate clinical trials of the potent candidate drugs in the future. Overall, there are a range of projects available in our research team to fulfil the requirement of drug discovery, development and optimisation to seek clinical solutions for human eye cancers.

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