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The role of regulatory T Lymphocytes in aberrant human immune responses


The focus is to phenotypically and functionally characterise T regulatory cells in aberrant immune responsesĀ  e.g. autoimmune and allergic diseases.


Professor Ralph Nanan.

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Nepean - Nepean Clinical School

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Professor Nanan and his team at Sydney Medical School Nepean have developed a special research focus on T regulatory cells. This is an important subset of T lymphocytes, which are able to contain immune responses. These cells are believed to play an important role in pregnancy and in the development of autoimmune and allergic disorders. The aim would be to characterize the quantity, function and phenotype of T regulatory cells in these patients. Together with our collaborators, we have established and published the methodology to conduct this study. The project will involve major techniques in cellular and molecular immunology with a strong emphasis on flow-cytometry.

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