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Pregnancy and Maternal Oral Health


Background: Recently, a number of studies have shown that poor oral health may impact on general health. Periodontal diseases have been identified as an independent risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes including low birth weight. The mechanistic pathways may include microbial dissemination and/or increased levels of inflammatory mediators leading to immune dysregulation of the pregnant woman and unborn child. To prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes and the understanding of pathological pathways is fundamental.

Aim: The study proposes to look at whether periodontal diseases are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes and identify associated changes in the maternal immune response.


Professor Ralph Nanan.

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Nepean - Nepean Clinical School

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Projects in this proposal :
a) We will compare and correlate the oral health status with systemic inflammatory serum markers (CRP, IL6, TNFa, etc.)
b) Determine the numbers and phenotypes of innate and adaptive immune cell subsets (T regulatory, TH17 and dendritic cells) in peripheral blood, decidual tissues and cord blood.
c) Compare maternal oral microbiome with placental, vaginal and gut microbiome
d) Record the dietary intake during pregnancy using a validated food frequency questionaire
e) Measure fetal growth parameters, including the development of the fetal thymus measured by ultrasound.Significance: The projects will elucidate the association between diet, oral health and the most significant adverse pregnancy outcomes. It will also establish the association between maternal oral health and fetal immune programming. It has the potential to generate important pilot data for future clinical trials seeking to improve oral health and consequently leading to improved maternal and child health.

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