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Will a novel form of oral peanut immunotherapy induce regulatory immune responses and modify the gastrointestinal microbiome ?


In this part of the study, we will investigate the immunological mechanisms involved in the desensitization process. This will include the effects of short chained fatty acids in the T-regulatory cell compartment. We will apply functional as well as phenotypic analysis of ex-vivo derived T-cells and be linking these results with GUT microbiome data as well as with clinical outcomes.


Professor Ralph Nanan.

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Nepean - Nepean Clinical School

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Peanut allergy is common and there is no cure. Current studies of peanut immunotherapy have shown the effects are not generally long lasting. We plan to study a novel form of oral peanut immunotherapy using peanut and a dietary fibre (modified starch) supplement. We have evidence that the diet supplement protects animals from developing food allergy and that this form of supplement modulates important protective immune responses in human cells in the laboratory.

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Funding: The candidate will be expected to obtain a post-graduate scholarship with assistance from this Supervisor when applying for this opportunity. See the Scholarships Office Website for further information. Additional part time employment opportunities within the Paediatric Immunology Laboratory concurrent to the PhD/Masters period is expected to be available.

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