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Nutritional effects for oral health: Microbiome, caries experience and periodontal health


Nutrition is the major modifiable factor that influences ageing and age-related health. Yet the relationship between nutrition and age-related health is complex and poorly understood. In these studies we are examining the impact of low protein, high carbohydrate diets on lifelong health with particular focus on cardiometabolic health, disease development and longevity. We have two large mouse cohort studies underway. The first is examining the effects of branch chain amino acids on health and lifespan and the second is examining the effects of simple and complex carbohydrates on health. One of the endpoints of these studies is to examine the oral health of these mice and look at how this interacts with disease and lifespan.


Professor Joerg Eberhard.

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Sydney Dental School

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This research is aimed to close the gap of understanding the interactions between nutrition and lifespan oral health.

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