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Frequency and severity of periodontal disease in Australians with Type 2 diabetes mellitus: Building representative epidemiological data and validation of a screening tool for non-dental personnel.


Oral health and Type II diabetes encompasses many health complications that can have a profound impact on the patient's quality of life. The relationship between Type II Diabetes and Periodontitis has been proven to be reciprocal in nature. In Australia, sufficient epidemiological data regarding this conclusion is lacking. In this project we aim to measure the frequency and severity of periodontal disease in Type II diabetic patients at Royal Prince Alfred Hopsital (RPAH) through clinical assessment of periodontal parameters. We then aim to validate a screening tool for non-dental professionals alongside the clinical data. This screening tool for periodontitis could aid non-dental personnel, such as nurses in diabetic clinics, in recognising periodontal diseases earlier.


Professor Joerg Eberhard.

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Sydney Dental School

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This project aims to better understand the frequency and severity of periodontal diseases amongst diabetic patients in Australia and help validate a developed screening tool.

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Prof. Stephen Twigg
Kate Ruiz

BOH/Clinician to assess the oral health

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