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Maternal Oral Health and Pregnancy Outcomes


Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity can have a systemic affect as has been shown with atherosclerosis. These systemic affects are likely to influence the immune and metabolic systems in pregnancy. Changes to the immune system or the metabolism in pregnancy, on the other hand can affect fetal health development and growth and have further effects on the later health of the child. The primary aim of the study is to compare the maternal oral health status between women with healthy pregnancies and those diagnosed with preeclampsia or miscarriage. In this study we will test the hypothesis that periodontal health is a major determinant of the vaginal and gut microbiome, and maternal inflammatory status, and therefore a strong modulator of pregnancy outcomes. A further aim of this study is to test the feasibility of a future intervention trial to determine the effects of treating periodontal disease in pregnant women to determine potential effects of anti-inflammatory treatments on the prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes and perinatal complications.


Professor Joerg Eberhard.

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Nepean - Nepean Clinical School

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This project aims to establish the oral health status of women with a healthy pregnancy and those with adverse pregnancy outcomes. We also look at a follow-up of these women and their children. 

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Applicants who are currently registered dental practitioners in Australia will be given preference as there is clinical work required as a part of the study. 
Applicants will be enrolled in the School of Dentistry.

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