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Development of advanced materials for porous burner reactors


The project will involve; materials development, laboratory scale batch preparation and testing (both in the porous burner, and using advanced analytical techniques), managing the production of test batches, and then the testing of these in an operating porous burner.


Professor Andrew Harris.

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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The next major challenge to be overcome before the implementation of porous burner reactors is to develop suitable high temperature materials to act as combustion sites within the porous burner chamber. Suitable media will need to maintain a low pressure drop profile, have prolonged resistance to high temperatures (and temperature swings), and be able to accommodate some form of combustion catalyst. At present 60% alumina saddles are used, although in future it should be possible to design a bed material with an optimal pore structure for combustion stability, which incorporates a combustion catalyst, and possess all the usual temperature and pressure properties. Ceramic foams, beads, and nano-porous solids have been proposed.

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